CapitaLand Shared Services
1 Floor
Completion: July 2018

Graphite Studio was commissioned to design CapitaLand’s new Shared Services workplace, meant to embody a culture of community, shared amenities and informal collaboration. The work space includes a high degree of desk sharing, alternative work settings and social and well-being areas. CapitaLand’s building technology innovations like smart lockers and facial recognition technology are to be trialed here.

One of the challenges of the project was the large and deep floor plate that came with limited access to natural light and a far-removed lift lobby. To create a natural centre and heart to the workspace, we designed a 4 sided collaborative hub and a cross axis from which all work clusters arranged around, thereby creating natural neighbourhoods and a sense of place within a massive floor plate.

Another challenge was to deliver a premium workplace environment in an industrial building not originally designed for office occupancy requirements. The design response used an open ceiling to maximise headroom with diffused, indirect lighting for a soft ambient quality. We emphasized material textures, tactile warmth and quality of the interior finishes to contrast against the industrial shell.

(Photography copyright of Owen Ragget)

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